The Universal Web3
Integration Standard

Web3API is a WASM standard for integrating Web3 protocols into applications. This eliminates the need for client-side SDKs, making dApps lightweight and cross-platform.

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Launch Partners

Web3api will make it easy for everyone to build on top of Gnosis technologies and interact with our contracts and interfaces. This will help us achieve our vision of building open platforms and removing gatekeepers.

Team Gnosis
Web3API aligns with Abridged's vision of lowering the barrier for smart contract "remixing". More importantly the team behind the project is smart, passionate and know how to ship. We can not wait to integrate Web3API in to our no-code platform and fulfil the vision of making money legos accessible to everyone.

James Duncan, Co-Founder
By creating one single standard for Web3 developers, the complexity and user experience of accessing the basic building blocks for these protocols is massively improved. Pocket aims to provide a neutral networking stack, allowing Web3API users to easily connect to any protocol they are building on.

Michael O'Rourke, CEO
Our leading product (the open source Space Daemon for building dweb apps) currently only works on desktop, and the most elegant way we can get it to work in the browser and mobile (without centralizing some aspects of the Daemon) is with Web3API. Also the experience for developers building dweb apps on top of the Space Daemon will be much better once we convert it into Web3API modules.

Harrison Hines, CEO
We’re building a platform that needs to run anywhere, integrate with other projects, and provide a welcoming developer experience. Web3API shows more promise than any other tool we’ve seen to do that elegantly and efficiently.

Jesse B. Miller, Co-Founder
Rockside is simplifying the usage of blockchain thanks to its relayer and meta-transactions. We want to push further the simplification of the integration of blockchain solutions client-side. The Web3API project is inline with our goal to facilitate the usage of Ethereum for all developers, and it looks very promising.

Vincent Le Gallic, CTO & Co-Founder
With cross-chain DeFi products at the core of what MANTRA DAO is building, this inherently involves building a tech stack that is blockchain and programming language agnostic. We believe that what Web3API is building is truly novel, and are looking forward to being a launch partner and strong participant within the Web3API DAO.

John Patrick Mullin, Co-Founder